Matthias Bauer holds a first state exam degree in English and History from Münster University (1984) and an M.A. in English Literature from Yale University (1985). He also got his Dr. phil. (1990; supervisor: Inge Leimberg) and Habilitation (1999) from Münster. He was professor of English Literature and Culture at Saarland University 2001-2004, and has been Professor of English at Tübingen since 2004.

His teaching and research focus on Early Modern English literature (Shakespeare and his contemporaries, Metaphysical Poetry), as well as nineteenth-century literature (with an emphasis on Dickens). Thematically, he is particularly interested in the relation of language and literature; for example, he chairs the interdisciplinary Research Training Group “Ambiguity: Production and Perception” (GRK 1808) and co-chairs with the linguist Sigrid Beck the project “Interpretability in Context” in the Collaborative Research Center “The Construction of Meaning” (SFB 833). He is also concerned with questions of understanding: What does it mean to understand (literary) texts, what are the competencies needed to do so, and can understanding be facilitated by systematic annotation? These questions are addressed in a BMBF-funded project on modelling and developing competencies that is part of the Tübingen School of Education, and in the project “Explanatory Annotation” that has developed from a peer-learning project on annotating literature in the English Department. Other fields of research include religion and literature and the concept of co-creativity, especially in the Early Modern period.

Together with Inge Leimberg, Burkhard Niederhoff and Angelika Zirker, Matthias Bauer is the editor of Connotations: A Journal for Critical Debate.

A list of his publications including a couple of links to full text articles can be found here.