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Prof. Dr. Matthias Bauer (en)

Prof. Dr. Matthias Bauer

Professor Bauer’s teaching and research covers the field of English literature from the sixteenth century to the present, with an emphasis on Renaissance and Early Modern poetry and drama, the nineteenth-century novel, and poetry from the late nineteenth century to the present. Special areas of interest include Metaphysical Poetry, the language of literature (and the notions of language reflected by literature); the history of literary theory; and the concept of ‘personhood’ as a model and heuristic tool for a scholarly conversation with and about literary texts. Several of these interests come together in Professor Bauer’s ongoing research project on the subject of a ‘living’ language in English literature. One of the aspects to be explored is the way in which words are frequently presented as persons in nineteenth and twentieth-century poetry, which provides a key to implied statements on the origins, individual character and purposes of poetic utterance.

Together with Inge Leimberg, Burkhard Niederhoff and Angelika Zirker, Matthias Bauer is the editor of Connotations: A Journal for Critical Debate, which has been published since 1991. Connotations is an international, peer-reviewed journal focusing on the language of literature in a historical perspective. It was founded in order to provide a forum for exchanging ideas derived from the close reading of literature in English. In Connotations, critical debate is put into practice, for example, by the editors’ inviting experts working on related subjects to respond to articles accepted for publication. A wide selection of articles and responses is freely available at www.connotations.de.

The publication of the journal has been accompanied by a number of international symposia. Thus Professor Bauer was the convener of a conference on “‘Restored from Death’ in Literature and Literary Theory ,” which took place at Castle Hohentuebingen in July 2007. Earlier Connotations symposia were concerned with “The Idea of Tolerance in Pre-Revolutionary England,” “Paronomasia in the English Renaissance and After,” “The Presence of Mythology in American Literature,” “A Place Revisited,” “Poetry as Procreation,” “The Poetics of Conversation in Twentieth-Century Literature,” Sympathetic Parody,” and “Textual Surprises.”

A list of his publications including a couple of links to full text articles can be found here.