Matthias Bauer holds a first state exam degree in English and History from Münster University (1984) and an M.A. in English Literature from Yale University (1985). He also got his Dr. phil. (1990; supervisor: Inge Leimberg) and Habilitation (1999) from Münster. He was professor of English Literature and Culture at Saarland University 2001-2004, and has been Professor of English at Tübingen since 2004.

His teaching and research focus on Early Modern English literature (Shakespeare and his contemporaries, Metaphysical Poetry), as well as nineteenth-century literature (with an emphasis on Dickens). Thematically, he is particularly interested in the relation of language and literature; for example, he chairs the interdisciplinary Research Training Group “Ambiguity: Production and Perception” (GRK 1808) and co-chairs with the linguist Sigrid Beck the project “Interpretability in Context” in the Collaborative Research Center “The Construction of Meaning” (SFB 833). In the new SFB „Andere Ästhetik“ („Different Aesthetics“), he is part of project C5: „The Aesthetics of Co-Creativity in Early Modern English Literature.“ He is also concerned with questions of understanding: What does it mean to understand (literary) texts, what are the competencies needed to do so, and can understanding be facilitated by systematic annotation? These questions are addressed in a BMBF-funded project on modelling and developing competencies that is part of the Tübingen School of Education, and in the project “Explanatory Annotation” that has developed from a peer-learning project on annotating literature in the English Department. Other fields of research include religion and literature and the concept of co-creativity, especially in the Early Modern period.

Together with Inge Leimberg, Burkhard Niederhoff and Angelika Zirker, Matthias Bauer is the editor of Connotations: A Journal for Critical Debate.

A list of his publications including a couple of links to full text articles can be found here.